Call for Abstracts „Normativity in Technology Assessment“

TATuP-topic 1/2019 discusses the normative basis of TA. Extended deadline until 16 Juli 2018!

Since its beginnings in the 1970s, claims for neutrality and impartiality have been considered an almost self-evident trade mark of TA. On a closer look, however, both theory and practice of TA draw on normative references on different levels.

This does not only pertain to the choice of the technologies analysed but also to the way of processing research results and the analytic perspectives applied in their evaluation. Influencing factors that play a role when formulating options for decisions, such as the involved actors’ interests, are not always reflected on or even laid open. Often, institutional or personal preferences remain hidden while founding norms on different levels.

TATuP invites authors to reflect on the normative concepts underlying TA. In addition contributions are welcome which describe concrete normative implications in TA practice, for example in projects for research and policy advice. Finally, authors are invited to position themselves with regard to future conceptual requirements that relate to normative implications in TA.

This topic’s guest editors are Linda Nierling (ITAS/KIT) and Helge Torgersen (ITA/ OeAW).

Call for Papers (PDF)