Call for Abstracts: “Digitalisation and Development in the Global South. Progress by Technology?”

TATuP special topic in issue 2/2019. Submission of your abstract until 25 October 2018.

A “digital divide” separates the countries of the Global North and South: they are unequal in terms of access to and the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) such as computers, mobile phones, and the internet. It is widely believed that bridging this divide will positively affect people in under-connected world regions: ICT are assumed to increase economic productivity and prosperity and to have a democratizing effect. They also allegedly support education and the delivery of health care and create new opportunities for cultural and religious expression, social networking and entertainment. In short, ICT may combat numerous prevailing challenges to development and global justice...

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Editors of this TATuP special topic

PD Dr. Jessica Heesen (IZEW Tübingen), Laura Schelenz (IZEW Tübingen), Kerstin Schopp (IZEW Tübingen), Maria Pawelec (IZEW Tübingen)