New TATuP issue on “Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities in Europe”

Although often called for, urban transformation is a long time coming. The new TATuP issue explores how integrative approaches that combine smart technologies with social innovations could make European cities more sustainable.

Smart urban futures are very popular in Europe and are being tested and promoted in many places – with innovative and smart technologies, at various spatial levels, and in individual sectors such as energy or transport. However, the big change is yet to come, as the editors of the current TATuP issue “Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities in Europe” state.

Cordula Kropp, Astrid Ley, Sadeeb Simon Ottenburger, and Ulrich Ufer are convinced that the necessary transformation cannot be achieved by technical means alone. Rather, approaches are needed that combine socio-cultural innovations with robust technical solutions. The issue discusses what paths to climate-neutral cities in Europe might look like, using the example of the energy transition in the building sector, the urban mobility transition, or collaborative paths to the smart city.

Interview: Urban digitalization and financial capitalism

The future of urban life is also the focus of the TATuP interview with renowned sociologist and urban researcher Saskia Sassen. The Columbia University professor shares her views on the potentials and pitfalls of urban digitalization. She places special emphasis on the risks of financial capitalism and the exploitation of urban resources.

The articles in the “Research” section deal with reversibility as a concept for technology assessment and with a new TA approach to early technology assessment embedded in innovation processes. Also in the current TATuP: a debate on “converging infrastructures” and their importance for TA institutions as well as reviews and news from the TA community.

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