Call for Abstracts: "Beyond short-termism: Strategies and perspectives for the long-term governance of socio-technical change"

TATuP Special topic in issue 34/2 (2025), Submit your abstract by 12 August 2024

Please read the complete CfA (PDF) here.


Guest editors of this TATuP Special topic:

1 Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, DE


Editorial Process Outline:

  • 12 August 2024: Submit your abstract
  • September 2024: Notification of invitation or rejection to submit research articles
  • December 2024: Deadline for submission of research articles, followed by peer review
  • February 2025: Feedback from the reviewers, followed by revision by the authors
  • March 2025: Submission of the revised research articles
  • March/April 2025: Further revisions, if necessary
  • May 2025: Data transfer to publishing house
  • July 2025: Publication (print and online)


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