OBEC'97 - Overcoming Barriers to Electronic Commerce Malaga, Spain, 21 - 25 April 1997

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OBEC'97 - Overcoming Barriers To Electronic Commerce

Malaga, Spain, 21 - 25 April 1997

A conference on "Overcoming Barriers to Electronic Commerce", OBEC'97, will take place in Malaga, Spain, from 21 to 25 April 1997. The conference is being organized by EUMEDNET, a group of industry and academic teams trying to promote the commercial use of the Internet in Europe and the Mediterranean countries through research, training and awareness campaigns.

OBEC'97 will bring together experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers with the aim of examining the various barriers to the use of information highways in Europe and the Mediterranean countries (linguistic, legal, cultural, technical, etc.) and how best to surmount them.

The objectives of the conference are to:

EBETEMA, an academic Euroconference on "Barriers to electronic trade in Europe and the Mediterranean Area", supported by DG XII of the European Commission, will take place in parallel to OBEC'97.

Other parallel events include an art exhibition, "The information Society is made for human beings", and a public showroom, "Tools for electronic commerce".

The event will take place in English and Spanish.
(Source: CORDIS focus)

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