ONLINE EDUCA Berlin, Germany, 29 - 31 October 1997

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Berlin, Germany, 29 - 31 October 1997

The "ONLINE EDUCA Berlin" International Conference on Technology Supported Learning will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 29 - 31 October 1997. The conference is part of the ONLINE EDUCA series of conferences organized in cooperation with UNESCO and with support from the European Commission (DG XIII and DG XXII) and various regional and national telecommunications companies.

ONLINE EDUCA Berlin will address issues at the forefront of development in the telematic delivery of learning and the production and application of learning materials. It will bring together practitioners and developers, legislators and designers, and representatives from leading organizations in the field from all over the world.

This third annual conference will build on the success of previous conferences whilst introducing a number of new features, including expert panels, round-table discussions and company presentations and launch sessions. It will focus on the application of various technologies to the critical human need for learning. Topics proposed include:

An exhibition presenting displays and demonstrations by key vendors and supplier will be held throughout the conference. The exhibition will also include a documentation area with materials available from institutions, companies, associations and trade organizations active in the area.

The conference language will be English.
(Source: CORDIS focus)

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