HUSITA 4 - Conference "Information Technology in the Human Services: Dreams and Realities"


HUSITA 4 - Conference "Information Technology in the Human Services: Dreams and Realities"

Rovaniemi/Lapland, 11 - 14 June 1996

The Finnish National Research and Development Centre of Welfare and Health (STAKES) will host the 4th HUSITA (Human Services Information Technology Applications) conference, at the invitation of the HUSITA Foundation. The arrangements are carried out in cooperation with University of Lapland (the site of the conference) and ENITH (European Network for Information Technology and Human Services) Finland Association.

The title and the general theme of the conference is: "Information Technology in the Human Services: Dreams and Realities". It is intended to indicate a way of approaching issues, a focus on how we would like things to be and how they are in the real world. This approach is expected to characterize many of the anticipated presentations. So often with IT applications goals and principles are agreed and set, but reality seems not to follow expectations. The title poses a challenge which we hope presenters will take up, and seek to analyze, explain, and possibly suggest solutions.

The Themes of the Conference

The organizers of the conference will build the program around the following groups of integrating themes:

Information Society

- Information Society for whom?

- IT, discrimination and equal opportunities.

- Citizens right.

- Administration, management, policy making.

- Information Highway - where is it taking us?

- A Bill of Right for the Information Age - do we need one?

Independent Living

- IT as a promoter of independent living.

- IT in community care.

- IT for people with disabilities.

- IT and elderly people/gerontechnology

- IT and minority groups and cultures.

Work Practices and Professions in the Human Services

- New ways of work and professional prac

- It in urban and rural settings.

- IT and the client/worker relationship.

- Decision support systems.

- Synergy between human servicing and the use of IT.

- IT, productivity and quality.

- Client assessment and service provision.

- Teleworking.

Information - Knowledge

- Computer Based Teaching/Learning.

- Information provision and sharing.

- International co-operation - words or deeds?

- Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, neural networks - serving or controlling us?

- The impact of new technology on human cognition and thinking.

- Statistics and databases.

- Scientific research.

Indigenous Communities

- IT, a collision of cultures or better quality of life?

- Technology transfer - real independence or continuing colonialism?

- IT and co-operation in building better societies.

- IT, new hope for sparsely populated areas?

- IT, empowerment for international collaboration?

Topical points of view

In relation to presentations and discussions we want to emphasize some issues which we see important to be covered, whatever the theme:

_ Productivity and effectiveness

_ The Global View

_ The Ethical Dimension

_ The Gender View

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Web page by STAKES

HUSITA BUREAU maintains Web page including most recent information about the conference to be found after the first of September 1995 under STAKES'Web server's home page:

HUSITA BUREAU and Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses within University of Lapland are happy to answer your questions about HUSITA 4.

Abstracts must be submitted not later than 31st December 1995. The language of the Conference is English.

(Source:Conference Announcement, abridged)