First Announcement ESREL 2000 and SRA-Europe Annual Conference "Foresight and Precaution" Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, May 14-17, 2000


First Announcement

ESREL 2000 and SRA-Europe Annual
"Foresight and Precaution"
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, May 14-17, 2000

This event is the major risk analysis, safety and reliability conference in Europe during the Millennium year. It is organised by The European Safety & Reliability Association (ESRA), The Society of Risk Analysis (Europe) - (SRA-E), The UK Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS).

Foresight and Precaution

Both the annual ESREL and SRA-E series of conferences have resulted from European initiatives to promote the exchange and cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience in risk analysis and management, and safety and reliability assurance.

The last few years have seen an increasing recognition of the importance of social factors in influencing the role and use of risk assessment, including public perceptions of risk, communication with stakeholders, and public trust and confidence in decision making processes for novel and contentious technologies.

For the first time in 2000, the ESREL conference will be combined with the annual conference of SRA-Europe to explore these related areas, and to provide a forum for consideration of developments in methods of risk assessment and management, and the changing public and policy context which these methods need to address.

Conference Topics

The conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of traditional and innovative methods to evaluate and manage risks. It will consider means to enhance the safe and reliable operation of plants, products and processes, through all parts of the life cycle from concept to decommissioning. It will consider the societal factors influencing the use of risk assessment and risk management methods, and the range of factors which combine to create public confidence on risk issues.

Case studies describing the application of various methods and approaches will be included.

The theme "Foresight and Precaution" reflects societal concerns to foster technological innovation and development, while guarding against untenable risk or unsustainable exploitation.

The following list of topics is not exhaustive, the main topics included so far:

Safety and Risk Regulation / National/local policy making & regulation / Risk Criteria / Risk perception and public confidence issues / Risk communication, education & training / Expert - Lay responsibilities / Major accident hazards / Natural hazards / Safety assurance & risk assessment methods / QRA and cost benefit analysis / Human factors / Formal management systems and standards e.g. BS8800, OHSAS 18001 / Reliability, availability and maintainability / Dependent failures / Software Reliability / Structural Reliability / Collection, use and management of data for risk, safety and reliability analysis, including data protection / Global environmental and economic change

Industrial and Commercial areas of application will include:

Aviation and aerospace / Civil engineering / Chemical engineering and processes / Energy production and distribution / Environmental protection / Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Management / Information and communication / Insurance, legal aspects and liability / Manufacturing / Medical and occupational health / Nuclear engineering / Offshore engineering / Transport / Security and protection / Industrial safety / Health, food and environmental risks / Waste and pollution / Agriculture and food production / Biotechnology

Who should attend?

Managers and risk analysis practitioners from business and industry; representatives of universities and research organisations, government bodies interested in risk issues including risk perception, communication and public trust; and consultants involved in risk-related issues.


The official conference language will be English. There will be no simultaneous translation facilities provided.

Conference Registration and Accomodation

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