META: A new institutional actor in the Greek TA/TF scene

TA-Institutionen und -Programme

META: A new institutional actor in the Greek TA/TF scene

by E.G. Koukios, Y. Katsoulakos and C. Stamos

META is a joint research programme of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). It was established in 1995, when its bylaws were approved by the Senates of both Universities. The acronym stands for MEthodologies for Technology Analyses and Strategy, and is intended to underline the particular approach of the subject in question adopted by the new programme.

The decision to establish META was based on the recognition of the increasing importance of technology assessment (TA) and forecasting (TF) in supporting technology-related decision- and policy-making, in conjunction with the lack of appropriately targeted research units in this country. META's central objective is to promote TA/TF activities in Greece, through (1) the development of necessary human and material resources, (2) investigation of driving forces and barriers in less developed areas, and (3) systematic application of methodologies for strategic planning at institutional, regional, national, European levels, and (4) electronic networking and communication.


META comprises a broad spectrum of activities, including field and desk research; education and training; consulting for public and private organizations; organization of conferences and workshops; networking at national, European and global levels; and various public awareness and information-oriented actions. Funds to support these activities come from both, external sources and the two collaborating Universities.

META operates as a joint academic Programme, managed by a Director and a Deputy Director, appointed by the two collaborating institutions, and co-ordinated by a 4-member Board, consisting of the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Rectors or one of the Vice-rectors from each University. Contacts with faculty members and the scientific community are maintained through a 15-member Scientific Council. The programme staff consists of scientists associated to specific META projects, through fixed-term contracts.

Human Links

Several Greek experts are already linked to META activities, including a number of professors from the two universities; the following TA/TF areas are covered: technology strategy, technology & society, industrial & energy economics, design of technology systems; economic theory of technology policy, R&D policy, technology management, information technology, environmental economics. In addition, META scientists collaborate with several TA-related research units in EU countries (Austria, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom). META is a member of the European Technology Assessment Network (ETAN; Brussels) and the TA/TF Networks of the European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO; Seville/Spain).

(Source: Second International Conference of the International Association for Technology Assessment and Forecasting Institutions, Book of Abstracts)


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