PIAS - The Prague Institute of Advanced Studies by Peter Pechan

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PIAS - The Prague Institute of Advanced Studies

by Peter Pechan

PIAS was established in 1991 by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Science as an independent model centre of scientific research and education, communication, innovation and technology transfer. Its key interest is to promote quality of life in our region through international cooperation in the fields of

PIAS experts participate in European networks dealing with matters of the public perception of science and technology, scientific and educational interaction between EU and CEE countries. Nationally, PIAS takes part in and presents new areas by the discussions of experts and laymen on issues of important developments in science and technology organised by the European Culture Club and the Association of Scientific Societies. These discussions have the potential to grow into consensus conferences.

PIAS is located inside its Research and Science Park established in 1994. The Prague Science Park is devoted to active promotion, siting, marketing and general support of small and medium enterprises working in high and emerging technologies and support of branch offices of SME's and other global companies with similar philosophy. PIAS and the Prague Science Park will act as one of the European hubs for knowledge industry and as an interaction point for Czech professionals from Universities and other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

In the beginning of this year the Speaker of the Czech Parliament signed a document giving PIAS the status of official advisor on science and technology policy to the Czech Parliament. Subsequently, on April 22, 1996 the directors of the Members of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) Network granted Observer Status to PIAS.

Summary of Activities for 1996 - 1997

Feasibility studies and reports

Networking and monitoring activities

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