ENTREE 2001 Integrated Green Policies: Progress for Progress Florence, Italy, November 14-17, 2001


ENTREE 2001 Integrated Green Policies: Progress for Progress

Florence, Italy, November 14-17, 2001

Environment is one of the key issues of the Swedish Presidency in the European Union during spring 2001. Many important initiatives and policy papers have been presented. The main principle is that environment needs to be integrated as an essential element in all decision-making in the European Union.

The theme of the ENTREE 2001 is integrated Green Policies - Progress for Progress (ENTREE = Environmental Training in Engineering Education).

The intention is to challenge the participants to discuss the progress and efficiency of the green policies. How far do the European green policies offer tools for the development of sustainability, and how far can we agree on the necessary actions needed for progress? Kyoto Protocol was a promise of progress to prevent the acceleration of the climate change. The year 2001 enforces us to re-evaluate the process because the US is withdrawing from the agreement. And what about the challenges the green policies set for engineering education and training?

Main topics related to the central theme of "Integrated Green Policies" to be presented at the conference are: 

The conference organisers wish to present a comprehensive overview of present state of the art of the green policies, and the future challenges they set to research, training and education as well as engineering applications in industry and commerce and peoples' everyday life.

Who should participate

Engineers, educators, trainers and researchers, training manager, environmental managers, environmental consultants, experts and policy makers from industry, governmental and municipal authorities; all actors who are contributing to the concepts of sustainability and their implementation.

The conference language is English.

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