TATuPDates 31/2 (2022): Meldungen aus der Redaktion/News from the editorial office

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TATuP 31/2 (2022), S. 82

31/3 (2022) will be published in December 2022 with the Special topic

„The future of high-level radioactive waste disposal“

The question of permanent storage of highly radioactive waste – nuclear waste – is still unsolved in a number of countries all over the world. This is not only due to unanswered technical questions. It is also a result of unresolved social and political issues. Thus, it is a socio-technical problem that has to be addressed and dealt with from both a practical and a scientific point of view. These questions do not only refer to current site selection processes, which are already discussed in science, politics, and society in many countries, but in particular to the phases of construction, operation, and closure of a final repository. Many future issues related to the ‘final disposal’ of nuclear waste are still unsolved.

Main questions in TATuP 31/3 (2022) are (among others): What can be a suitable container? And: How can we develop an intergenerational socio-political process of final disposal, that is, among other things, fair and transparent?

Special topic editors: Ulrich Smeddinck (ITAS/KIT), Anne Eckhardt (Risicare GmbH), Sophie Kuppler (ITAS/KIT).

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