TATuPDates 32/1 (2023): News from the editorial office/Meldungen aus der Redaktion

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TATuP 32/1 (2022), S. 80

32/2 (2023) will be published in July 2023 with the Special topic

“Technology assessment in sudden and enduring crises”

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves from strict lockdown responses to contain the sudden and acute spread of the virus’s first variants, towards coping and adaptative strategies for living with its continuous, endemic presence, reflexive and critical studies on the crisis have been getting on the way. Throughout the crisis, governments, scientists and publics were confronted with evolving problems of massive scale and complexity. The role of technology assessment (TA) during the pandemic turned out to be more complex than one might expect, calling for a reflection on how TA should act in future sudden crises as well as in other urgent and pervasive crises such as climate change.

This Special topic will address questions, such as: What are the roles, functions and methods of TA during global challenges? How can TA assist in creating a bridge between science and politics? And: Do TA concerns of privacy, security, and the precautionary principle no longer matter in a crisis?

Special topic editors: Julia Hahn (ITAS/KIT), Tanja Sinozic (ITA, Austrian Academy of Sciences), Nora Weinberger (ITAS/KIT).

The editorial team grows

As of February 2023, Reinhard Heil, a long-standing researcher at ITAS/KIT, joins the editorial team as academic editor. Welcome, Reinhard!

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