TATuPDates 33/1 (2024): News from the editorial office/Meldungen aus der Redaktion

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TATuP 33/1 (2024), S. 78

33/2 (2024) will be published in June 2024 with the Special topic

“The ambivalence of emergent technologies: Malevolent creativity and civil security”

The democratic decline that is evident throughout the world. It poses challenges to society, some of which are amplified by new technologies in areas ranging from communications to artificial intelligence. Social media enables the radicalization of vulnerable individuals without the need for physical support structures or networks. The question of how technology might be used – deliberately – by malevolent actors to undermine civil security has rarely been addressed in technology assessment research, sometimes as a by-product, sometimes in thematic sidebars (usually as dual-use capabilities, i. e., military and civilian uses).

This Special topic will address questions, such as: What are the repercussions of widespread AI use, especially in decision support? How can research methods from informatics, social sciences, humanities, and technology assessment be combined for studying AI? Why is interdisciplinary research crucial for understanding AI’s impact on social contexts?

Special topic editors are Georg Plattner, Octavia Madeira, Christian Büscher, Alexandros Gazos, Tim Röller (all Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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