Macroeconomic Cost Saving Potentials through Automated Driving

An Economic Estimation for Germany




autonomous vehicles, automated driving, safety congestion macroeconomic cost reduction


This study estimates the macroeconomic cost saving potentials, that might be achieved through automated driving in Germany. The new technologies of autonomous vehicles can contribute to accident and congestion reductions and might also lower parking problems in inner cities. Our assessment shows an annual cost saving potential of 24.9 bill. Euro at mid-level market penetration. This corresponds to 0.8 % of the German GDP in 2016, which is considerably high compared to the economic growth of 1.9 % in the same year. Of particular interest here are also cost savings per car in order to compare private costs with socially realized benefits. We estimate cost savings of 1,351 Euro per year and car at mid-level market penetration.




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Roos M, Siegmann M. Macroeconomic Cost Saving Potentials through Automated Driving: An Economic Estimation for Germany. TATuP [Internet]. 2018 Jul. 2 [cited 2022 Jan. 23];27(2):23-30. Available from: