Transparency of normative orientations in participatory TA projects

A software-based approach




technology assessment, participation, normative orientation, sustainable development, software


Participatory TA projects typically bring together people with diverse normative orientations. We present a methodological approach intended to support participants in dealing with the plurality of values in a transparent way by using an online tool to prepare for the discussion. The method called “LOTA“ (Landscape of Opinions for Technology Assessment) is based on global goals which are presented to the participants as a normative frame of reference. By prioritizing global goals, the participants can express their normative orientations. The software tool visualizes the “landscape of opinions” resulting from the survey.



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Mader C, Hilty LM, Som C, Wäger P. Transparency of normative orientations in participatory TA projects: A software-based approach. TATuP [Internet]. 2019 Apr. 3 [cited 2021 Jun. 24];28(1):58-64. Available from: