Degrowth und Postwachstum – Reflexionen zu Konzeptvielfalt und Nachhaltigkeitsbezügen




Entwicklungsmodell, GND, Konzeption, Nachhaltigkeit, Postwachstumsökonomie


With discussions about de-growth and post-growth the criticism of growth has re-emerged on the political and scientific agenda over the last years. To systematise the diversity of the debates has hardly been attained so far. The article will discuss reasons for this. Firstly, the terms and concepts of growth and growth criticism as well as the ideas of de-growth/post-growth are often not determined or stay vague because of their negative connotations (de-/post-). That may offer the advantage of being able to assemble many ideas under one roof. However, it proves to be problematic with regard to alternative options for society. Secondly, solid conceptions of development are missing so far, not at least because of a widespread rejection of the sustainable development paradigm in these debates. The article suggests a general determination of growth criticism as well as alternative sociological conceptions of development.



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