Converging infrastructures

Amplified socio-technical problems




sector coupling and integration, energy and transport, complexity and control, change and stability, action under uncertainty


Converging infrastructures illustrate the complexity of the processes involved in both operational sector coupling and socio-technical sector integration. What consequences of this development can technology impact research estimate today and what difficulties will arise in doing so? This article introduces the TATuP special topic as well as the individual contributions and also addresses socio-political aspects, beyond the usual questions of technical feasibility and efficiency: What strategies are developed to initiate and control comprehensive change? What are the mechanisms to maintain the ability to act despite great uncertainties for all those concerned with future converging infrastructures for energy, transport, and heating/cooling. The interdisciplinary approach to the topic focuses on three central “socio-technical problems” and gives a first insight into the conditions under which converging infrastructures emerge and what consequences these processes might have.




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Büscher C, Ornetzeder M, Droste-Franke B. Converging infrastructures: Amplified socio-technical problems. TATuP [Internet]. 2020 Jul. 17 [cited 2022 Jul. 6];29(2):10-51. Available from:

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