Making intelligent cities in Europe climate-neutral

About the necessity to integrate technical and socio-cultural innovations




smart and intelligent cities, urban planning, climate-neutrality, socio-cultural innovation, socio-technical resilience


Smart urban futures are currently being tested and promoted in Europe using innovative and intelligent urban technologies at different spatial scales, in individual sectors such as energy or transport, or by using specific technological innovations. However, the great transformation, though often called for and widely advocated, is yet to come. This paper discusses the necessity of promoting integrative approaches that go beyond technology-centered solutions with the aim of opening up paths towards urban climate neutrality: Precisely because urban futures are hardly predictable due to diverse and partly still hidden influencing factors, it is important to include especially socio-cultural innovations, as well as resilient technical solutions. The considerations developed in this regard conclude with a presentation of the contributions in this TATuP special topic.




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Kropp C, Ley A, Ottenburger SS, Ufer U. Making intelligent cities in Europe climate-neutral: About the necessity to integrate technical and socio-cultural innovations. TATuP [Internet]. 2021 Mar. 31 [cited 2022 Jul. 6];30(1):11-6. Available from:

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