A programme of alternatives

Pledge for a shift in perspective in technology assessment





technology assessment, technical progress, alternatives, methodological challenges


This article provides theoretical arguments for a technology assessment (TA) of alternatives that critically engages in innovation and transformation processes. We draw on an observation by Lothar Hack who stated that a major problem of industrial societies is the dominant translation of complex societal problems into narrow technical solutions. Here we have to come up with alternatives to open up space for other options; it also requires a fundamental shift in perspective that may guide the research program of a TA of alternatives. Based on this, we reflect on the role of TA and its expectations in the light of a vastly changed innovation landscape.



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Dobroć P, Krings B-J, Schneider C, Wulf N. A programme of alternatives: Pledge for a shift in perspective in technology assessment. TATuP [Internet]. 2018 Mar. 22 [cited 2022 Jun. 30];27(1):28-33. Available from: https://www.tatup.de/index.php/tatup/article/view/91

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