Editing a Special topic in TATuP

Send your proposals for a TATuP Special topic only in answer to the current Call for Special topic editors!

Every issue of journal TATuP features a "Special topic" section that clusters approx. seven thematically related research articles with interdisciplinary perspectives and high significance for the field of technology assessment, focusing for example on societal contexts and risks, discourses, regulations, ethics, policy recommendations etc. of technological innovations, on conflicting technology-society constellations, or on theories and methods of technology assessment.

How to submit

Send max. 2.5 pages in English language to redaktion@tatup.de including...

  • the working title for the Special topic,
  • names and institutional affiliations of cooperating Special topic editors,
  • a statement on the relevance of the Special topic for the journal’s TA profile (e.g., problem oriented research, interdisciplinarity, methods, international perspectives, policy advice etc.),
  • a statement on the scientific added value in the context of current research,
  • a statement on key research questions and research fields (empirical, theoretical, methodological etc.) that contributing authors should address,
  • the disciplines, or scientific communities invited to contribute to the Special topic.


  • The editorial office will assist guest editors throughout the editorial process!!!
  • Submitted proposals for Special topics will be evaluated by the journal's editorial board on the basis of their originality and relevance for the journal,
  • the editorial process will begin about 12 months prior to publication with an open Call for abstracts,
  • the selected research articles as well as the introductory chapter may be published in English or German,
  • at publication, the Special topic is bibliographically referenced with its own specific DOI and gains high visibility on the journal’s cover.

Profile, tasks and responsibilities of Special topic guest editors

  • Special topic guest editors are qualified by their scientific expertise in the specific field of their Special topic,
  • TATuP particularly welcomes interdisciplinary teams of Special topic editors whose members are based at different (international) universities and/or non-university research institutions,
  • the guest editors hold authority over the scientific content of their Special topic: this involves authoring the call for abstracts, evaluating submitted abstracts, selecting authors to submit a full research article, selecting reviewers, moderating the review and revisions process until final acceptance or rejection, as well as authoring an introductory chapter to their Special topic.

Please check the archive to view past TATuP Special topics!