New TATuP issue “AI for decision support: What are possible futures, social impacts, regulatory options, ethical conundrums and agency constellations?"

Whether for steering vehicles, making medical diagnoses, or supporting the courts – increasingly far-reaching decisions are in the hands of artificial intelligence. The current TATuP Special topic asks about the consequences.

The full issue is available here.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making systems are no longer merely the subject of research, but affect ever larger parts of society since they made their way into every-day life. Where machines make decisions for which human beings used to be responsible or where machines assist in decision making, there are not only technological but also in particular ethical, legal, and social challenges to deal with.

The Special topic “AI for decision support” of the new TATuP issue addresses key challenges arising from the integration of AI systems into human decision making. Using the example of AI for decision support in health care, justice, or at border controls, societal challenges, ethical questions, regulatory options, and possible futures will be discussed.

The Special topic is edited by Diana Schneider, research associate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, and Karsten Weber, Professor for Technology Assessment and AI-based Mobility at OTH Regensburg.

Interview with science fiction author about uncontrollable AI

In the TATuP interview, science fiction author Karl von Wendt talks about the possibility of artificial intelligence getting out of control and threatening the existence of the entire human race. Von Wendt completed his dissertation on AI in the 1980s, founded several AI-related start-ups, and writes novels about the risks of artificial intelligence under the pseudonym “Karl Olsberg.”

Also in the current issue: a research article on the results of a citizens’ report on the decarbonization of the transport sector in Berlin, conference reports, book reviews, and news from the TA community.