Call for Abstracts: “Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities in Europe”: Mission Statements, Paths, Risks

TATuP-special topic in issue 1/2021. Deadline for submitting your abstract: 20 May 2020

Abbreviated version:

In the European Union, the urbanization rate is already over 75% and, with its further increase, the possibilities for a great transformation, but also risks of action accumulate in dense areas.

From the perspective of technology assessment (TA) this call for abstracts puts emphasis on three relevant issues in the development of climate-neutral and smart cities. 1) Mission statements for urban transformation conceptualize, amongst other things, the role of (smart) technologies in urban futures. 2) Paths refer to actor-related transformation paths, implementation strategies, and concrete fields of application of technical and social innovations. 3) Risks and uncertainties that emerge in the processes of urban transformation cannot be defined in technical and quantifiable terms alone and cannot be reduced to already known risks with a view to the long-term nature of urban transformation processes.

Expected contributions and possible questions

We welcome submissions, initially of abstracts, from all disciplines that explore mission statements for urban transformation, paths, and risks of future climate-neutral and smart cities in Europe, either conceptually or with regard to case studies of specific technologies and cities, and that address or extend the following questions in a problem-oriented manner and with reference to TA […]

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Guest editors of this TATuP special topic: Cordula Kropp (ZIRIUS/University of Stuttgart), Astrid Ley (SI/University of Stuttgart), Sadeeb Simon Ottenburger (ITES/KIT), Ulrich Ufer (ITAS/KIT)