Call for Special topic editors

TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice invites you to submit proposals for future TATuP Special topics (deadline 31 January 2023).

This call for Special topic editors addresses all those who are interested to edit a Special topic in the Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice (TATuP). Proposals should be submitted in English language to redaktion@tatup.de by 31 January 2023. You will find full information on the journal website on how to submit your proposal for a TATuP Special topic. Free slots in the journal’s longstanding Special topic series will be available starting with issue 2/2024. The editorial process for TATuP Special topics starts around 12 months ahead of publication, i.e. the editorial process for the next available Special topic will start c. July 2023.

The journal TATuP is peer reviewed and diamond open access, both online and in print. Its scope covers scientific research and practical as well as problem oriented findings from the interdisciplinary fields of technological innovation, social change and policy advice. TATuP aims at creating public outreach by communicating research findings and policy recommendations also to transdisciplinary stakeholders.

Each issue of TATuP publishes in the journal section “Special topic” a number of peer reviewed research articles on a specific empirical or conceptional field of technology assessment. To get an overview over the topical range and research articles published in past Special topics of TATuP please consult the journal archive.

By editing a TATuP a Special topic you can make an important contribution to debates of technology assessment and at the same time strengthen your field of research!

Do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with the editorial office by writing to the above mentioned e-mail address.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals!

TATuP editorial team