New TATuP issue “Potentials of technology assessment in sudden and enduring crises”

Sudden and prolonged crises pose new challenges for technology assessment. The question of how TA can react more quickly in the future and at the same time provide sound information is the subject of the Special topic in the new issue of TATuP.

The full issue is available here.

The COVID-19 pandemic, looming energy shortages, or the consequences of climate change – crises that occur suddenly or will be with us for a long time require the attention of technology assessment: It identifies technologies that can potentially trigger or exacerbate a crisis as well as those that can contribute to crisis management. At the same time, crises demand immediate action. Society and politics not only rely on sound information but also need it as soon as possible.

In its Special topic “Potentials of technology assessment in sudden and enduring crises,” the current TATuP issue examines how technology assessment can adapt to this new situation. Four contributions show how TA practice can be adapted to crisis conditions. The contributions are complemented by an overview from the Special topic editors from ITAS.

Interview on the relationship between the Church and technology assessment

In the TATuP interview, Gernot Meier, commissioner for ethics and theology of digitalization in the Evangelical Church in Baden, talks about the relationship between the Church and technology assessment. Other topics of discussion include changes in the image of humankind that accompany digitalization and the need to keep the future open and actively shape it.

Also in the current issue: research articles on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the world of work and on nuclear waste as a sociotechnical problem as well as conference reports, book reviews, and news from the TA community.