Be the editor of a TATuP-THEME...

and strengthen your field of research in the debates on technology assessment!

About the journal
TATuP – Journal on Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice is a scientific, peer-reviewed open access journal in the interdisciplinary field of technology assessment. more

Every issue of TATuP focuses a specific theme with high significance for TA by publishing c. six scientific papers from different disciplinary backgrounds. Examples for a TATuP-THEME are „Open Science“, „Agent-based models and simulations“, „Future Food Systems”, or „Future Mobility“. All articles published in rubric THEME have been positively evaluated through double-open peer re-view. In every issue, the THEME is published by two senior researchers from with an expertise in the specific field fields of TA and in cooperation with TATuP’s editorial office. The THEMA has a prominent place on the journal’s cover, featuring a headline and an illustration.

Submission of a THEME
Researchers from all fields of TA are invited to submit propositions for a TATuP-THEME at any time by sending an abstract to the Editorial Office. Please provide information on the title, relevance, disciplines addressed by the THEMEand possibly on the timing for publication. TATuP will discuss submissions together with the journal’s scientific board and will get back to you within six weeks.

Tasks for publishers of a TATuP-THEME
As publisher of a TATuP-THEME you will author the Call for Papers. You will examine submitted abstracts and invite specific authors to submit a full paper. In cooperation with the journal you will steer papers through the double-open peer review process, and you will author an introductory chapter to the THEME.