Automated Driving

Blessing or curse for a sustainable mobility?




automated driving, self-driving cars, sustainable mobility


This special topic of TATuP presents a collection of initial perspectives, first indications and discussions on the topic of automated driving, which has become an important subject of mobility research in recent years. Even though there is still widespread public scepticism about its technical and organizational maturity, many experts expect vehicles with high or full driving automation to be deployed in the foreseeable future. But will road traffic automation be a blessing or a curse for future sustainable mobility concepts? Technology Assessment (TA) is confronted with a dilemma that is not untypical for this discipline: On the one hand, in view of the many uncertainties, possible implications of the new technology can so far only vaguely be described. On the other hand, the technology has considerable transformation potential, so that a timely shaping of its development seems socially desirable.



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Fleischer T, Schippl J. Automated Driving: Blessing or curse for a sustainable mobility?. TATuP [Internet]. 2018 Jul. 2 [cited 2021 Oct. 24];27(2):11-5. Available from:

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