Building resilient cyber-physical power systems

An approach using vulnerability assessment and resilience management




cyber-physical power systems, resilience management, vulnerability assessment


Power systems are undergoing a profound transformation towards cyber- physical systems. Disruptive changes due to energy system transition and the complexity of the interconnected systems expose the power system to new, unknown, and unpredictable risks. To identify the critical points, a vulnerability assessment was conducted, involving experts from the power as well as the information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors. Weaknesses were identified, e. g., the lack of policy enforcement, which are worsened by the unreadiness of the actors involved. Due to the complex dynamics of ICT, it is infeasible to keep a complete inventory of potential stressors to define appropriate preparation and prevention mechanisms. Therefore, we suggest applying a resilience management approach to increase the resilience of the system. It aims at better riding through failures rather than building higher walls. We conclude that building resilience in cyber-physical power systems is feasible and helps in preparing for the unexpected.




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Tapia M, Thier P, Gößling-Reisemann S. Building resilient cyber-physical power systems: An approach using vulnerability assessment and resilience management. TATuP [Internet]. 2020 Apr. 1 [cited 2021 Sep. 19];29(1):23-9. Available from: