Implicit values in technology assessment

A plea for reflexive normativity

Keywords: technology assessment, values, epistemic neutrality, reflexive normativity


In terms of its objectives, philosophical presuppositions, and methodological procedures, technology assessment (TA) is – like other methods of systematic knowledge production too – characterized by normative selectivities. In contrast to ethical and societal aspects related to its object of investigation, they are not always explicitly addressed. This poses a problem regarding the transparency and neutrality of TA. The concept of “reflexive normativity” proposed here aims at making the value relations of TA transparent and avoiding epistemic-normative selectivities. The resulting plurality can be utilized productively to further develop TA. Therefore, the concept proposed here is a contribution to both theory discussion and quality assurance of TA.

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KOLLEK, R. Implicit values in technology assessment. TATuP - Zeitschrift für Technikfolgenabschätzung in Theorie und Praxis, v. 28, n. 1, p. 15-20, 3 Apr. 2019.